Student Computing

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Support Provided to Students

  • Help connecting to campus resources, such as Internet, printers, and Truman web accounts.
  • Assist with issues using Truman’s campus portal email system

Student is responsible for

  • A properly functioning computer with a supported operating system installed (Windows Vista, Win 7, Win 8, or Mac OS X or later). All security updates should also already be installed.
  • An Ethernet card, and the software drivers that go with it.
  • A 15′-25′ CAT-5 patch cable with RJ45 connectors.

 Hints for success

  • Are you looking at buying a new computer?  Will your current computer work on the network? Find out more by checking out our “Bringing a Computer to Truman” page.
  • Be sure that you have installed all security updates for your computer.  Windows users may visit Microsoft’s Windows Update Site for more assistance.
  • Be sure that you are running regularly updated anti-virus software with at least a 1-year subscription for updates.
  • Consider installing anti-spyware software to help protect you while online.  Examples of free versions of this type of software include the following:
  • Before logging into TruView or accessing any on-line systems, you will need to change your Truman network password online if you have not yet done so.