Zoom Recording Deletions

Zoom Recording Deletions  –

This is your friendly reminder that our Zoom Cloud Storage Maintenance Project is still ongoing, and we will commence the ongoing maintenance routine for Zoom in January.  This routine maintenance consists of a perpetual, half-year cycle of deletions timed to provide faculty more than a full semester buffer zone to curate, move, and store past recordings they wish to save for ongoing use.  In practical terms, this means at the end of January 2023 – we will delete all Zoom Cloud stored recordings made from January – June of 2022.  Then at the end of June 2023 we will delete July-December 2022 recordings and so on.  See Instructions for downloading/managing files here.  If you have any questions about this process, please reach out to the Learning Technology Team at ltt@truman.edu or call 660-785-7750.

Here is a URL with general information on video file management: https://ltt.truman.edu/zoom-and-video-editing-resources/.