IT Service Center Laptop Checkout

Truman ITS Services has laptops available for checkout through the Truman IT Service Center in Pickler Library 203.

All Truman students, faculty, and staff are able to check out a laptop for 24 hours. Special academic cases and items may be arranged when requiring a laptop for more than 24 hours by coming to or contacting the Truman IT Service Center located in Pickler Library 203.

For Reservation or Checkout Information call  (660)785-4544.

Reservations can only be made up to 4 weeks in advance.

Checkout Information:

Checking out laptops is simple! To check out a laptop, stop by the IT Service Center in Pickler Library 203 with your Truman ID. There, we’ll have you sign a Laptop Borrowers Agreement and check out! Availability of laptops may be limited so prior reservations made by calling the number mentioned above roughly 2-3 weeks before can lessen worry and hassle.

For details and thorough explanation of the IT Service Center Equipment Policy, click here.

*Only one checkout of same item is authorized within 48 hours.


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