Technology Improvements for Spring 2023

Technology Improvements for Spring 2023

Infrastructure updates –

Many of our campus systems will receive operating system, database and security updates. At this time we don’t anticipate any significant downtime due to these changes, however, there will be downtime due to upgrades to our primary storage system (the Hydrogen system – our W: Y: U: and V: drives).

Storage and Data Cleanup – To allow faster access to your data files, the W: Y: U: and V: drives will be upgraded over the winter break. When this upgrade occurs, the storage system will be unavailable.  We plan to begin this work on December 27, and while we plan to complete this upgrade as quickly as possible, please plan on up to 3 days of down-time.

*** If you know of files that you will need access to during this time, it is recommended that you move them to a flash drive or other temporary storage to ensure you have the data you need.


Enterprise Application Improvements –

The Banner system will be updated with yearly regulatory updates. These updates are needed to support any new federal changes to financial aid awarding as well as changes to federal or state tax reporting (i.e., any W2, 1098 and 1099 forms we are required to produce).

D2L Brightspace – Truman’s Brightspace system is up and working at this time. We are working to complete the branding and login setup, among other configuration issues, with plans to have this system ready for faculty exploration in the very early spring semester.

Truman Website Search Bar Changes – We are currently testing a change to the Truman website search bar. If testing goes as planned, we will convert to a new search engine for the spring semester.  This change should provide a more cohesive interface with the Google search engine and its available features.  The intention is that the updated search bar will provide the same result set whether your search was done from the Truman website or from the Google website.


Planned Work in Other Venues –

Wireless networking has been installed in Baldwin Hall Auditorium and more access is scheduled to be installed over the break period pending receipt of additional wireless equipment. The result of these upgrades should provide for more stable and reliable use of the wireless system within this space in the future.