Student Email Migration from Gmail to M365 Happening August 7th

Student Email Migration from Gmail to M365 Happening August 7th

There are several things you can do now to ensure that you are ready to make this change without any interruption in your email service (you will not lose any email if you aren’t able to do this until after August 7th, but you will not see any new email in Gmail – your new email will be in M365).

To get ready, point your browser to and follow the on-screen instructions (remember to log in using your full username, i.e,  You will be prompted to set-up Duo, the new multi-factor authentication software, during this process.

Please note – Duo Multi-Factor Authentication requires you to use a secondary device such as a smartphone, a tablet, a standard phone, or a key fob security device to provide that extra layer of security in addition to your username and password.

  • smartphone/tablet – (preferred/most secure) requires the installation of an app, but does not require cell service
  • standard/flip phone – can be set up to receive SMS text messages with passcodes, standard data rates apply
  • key fob security device – a separate device that can be purchased in lieu of using a phone or tablet
For complete information and documentation on these steps and options, please refer to 

All email will be copied from Gmail to M365 Outlook to ensure it is all in one location for convenience, but it will remain in Gmail as well (i.e., it will not be permanently deleted).

To learn more about M365 Outlook, you can find resources on the ITS website ( and the Microsoft Learning site (