iOS – EveryonePrint PCounter



  • First, download and install “EveryonePrint” from the Apple App Store.

  • Open the EveryonePrint app. You will need to configure the EveryonePrint Gateway in the Settings.  Enter “” for the “Gateway Connectivity” field.  When done, click “Test Connection”.  If the connection test is successful, click “Save” to save the connection.

  • Next, you will need to log into EveryonePrint with your Truman Username and Password. Once done, you are ready to use EveryonePrint.


To print a file using EveryonePrint, Open the file in a designated app, and print it out via EveryonePrint app.

  • The following pictures are a demonstration of a Google Drive file being print to the EveryonePrint app.This is done by selecting the file to print, and when given the choice on how to open, select “Send a copy” and select “Copy to EveryonePrint”.


  • It will open automatically to the EveryonePrint Output Options screen. Here you have a select few options to customize your print job.  When ready, click “Submit”.

  • You will also be brought to the EveryonePrint “My Jobs” screen where you will be able to see your print history.