Laptop vs. Desktop – Deciding Which One to Bring

If you are considering purchasing a computer for use at Truman, you may be wondering if you should get a desktop or a laptop computer. The percentage of laptop computers has increased in recent years.  There are pros and cons to owning each type of system.  The following table lists some information that might help you with this decision.

  Laptop Desktop
Price Laptops usually cost slightly more than a comparable desktop.  However, prices have dropped in recent years and laptop prices are very competitive. Desktops usually cost slightly less than a comparable laptop.
Portability Laptops are very portable. This is good for moving around on campus and for taking home on breaks. Usually, desktop systems are not portable and must remain in a fixed location.
Expandability Laptops may not be as easy to upgrade with new technology. Be sure to configure a laptop with the features that you need. Desktops are usually much more expandable.  You can usually more easily add a new video card, larger hard drive, a new processor, or other components when technology changes.
Network Access A properly-equipped laptop will allow you to access the Truman network by directly connecting in your residence hall room or the library or by connecting via the wireless network from most locations on campus. Desktop computers, if properly equipped, can be connected to either the Ethernet or wireless connection in the residence hall room. 
Security The portability of a laptop makes this a more attractive item to be stolen if it is not properly secured.  However, security cables can be purchased with laptops that reduce this threat. Desktop computers are generally more secure due to their size and lack of portability.