TruView FAQ – Students

How do I access TruView?
TruView can be accessed by going to the following address:
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How do I use TruView Email?

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How do I use the other features of TruView?
More information on our Learning Management System can be found at our Blackboard Information for Students page.
TruView general Help can be found by clicking the Help link once you have logged in. There is also information on the FAQs tab.
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Which password do I use for which system?
TruView will use the same password that you use to log onto the network. All other systems will use this password.
Note that your Truman username that you login to TruView will not include the “” segment, though it will otherwise probably be similar to your Truman email.
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How do I set up an email client?
To use an external program to check your mail please see the Google How-To document for POP or IMAP access
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