Outlook Web Access – Outlook Anywhere Comparison

Outlook Web Access – Outlook Anywhere Comparison


To document the differences between Outlook Web Access, (Current version with Exchange 2003) and Outlook Web App. (New version with Exchange 2010)

  • Below are (2) screenshots; the first is of Outlook Web Access Full Version, and the second is of Outlook Web App (Also called “Outlook Anywhere”)  *Note – If you can only log into Outlook Web Access Light Version, you may need to configure your Internet browser for Compatibility Mode.  Instructions can be found here.

OWA - OA Comparison 1

OWA - OA Comparison 2


  • The two versions look different, but are essentially the same in functionality. The Outlook Web App (Outlook Anywhere) has more of the appearance and layout of Outlook.
  • Several changes have been made from Outlook Web Access to Outlook Web App. They are;
  • All folders are listed on the left-hand side of the windows, with no button labeled “Folders” to click on to see the additional folders.
  • The only folders hidden are sub-folders, and those are collapsed and can be expanded if needed.
  • The use of words instead of icons for the menus at the top of the screen.

Composing an Email

  • When composing a new email, the screen may look differently. Below are screenshots of each:

 Outlook Web Access – Old version with Exchange 2003OWA - OA Comparison 3

 Outlook Web App – New version with Exchange 2010OWA - OA Comparison 4