Google Workspace Overview

What is Google Workspace? 
Google Workspace provides a Truman gateway to Google’s online services, allowing you to take advantage of Google’s email, productivity, and collaboration tools while maintaining your email account. In addition to email, you can also save your documents online, chat with friends, and more. You will also have unlimited storage space!

How does it work?
You will use your current student username and password to logon to Google Workspace, either through TruView or by accessing the service directly ( For more information see the Google How-To’s.

What services are offered?

  • Gmail – Google Email
    Enjoy Google’s powerful email program without the ads.
  • Hangouts – An Easy Way to Chat
    Chat with your friends and classmates on the web or on your desktop. Organize a group chat to go over homework or make a voice call.
  • Calendar – Events Made Easy
    Organize your life with a simple online calendar. Keep a calendar for yourself, share another with your friends.
  • Documents and Drive – Made for Collaboration
    Easily create documents, spreadsheets, or presentations and export them to your favorite desktop program. Share them with your group and make changes together in real time. Store them in your Google Drive – cloud storage with unlimited space.