Connecting to Network Drives from Mac OS X (v. 10.3 or higher) – FACULTY/STAFF

If you have a Macintosh running Mac OS X (v. 10.3) or higher, you can connect to your network drives from your computer.

Follow These Steps:

1. From the Finder, select “Connect to Server…” from the Go Menu.



2. In the box that appears, type the following: smb://server/share – replacing server and     share with the appropriate values from the table below.

Drive Server Share
S: win_apps
U: Student_files
W: group code
Y: usernameFor example, to map your Y: Drive, you would type smb://, replacing username with your username.

3. Then click Connect.

4. In the box that appears, enter your Truman username and network password.

The Drive will appear on the desktop with a name that corresponds to the Share in the table above.