Network Group Codes


Academic Affairs \HydrogenAA
Accounting Department \HydrogenSB
Accreditation Staff \HydrogenACC
Admissions \HydrogenAD
Agricultural Science Department \HydrogenAGSC
Arts and Letters \HydrogenAL
Alumni \HydrogenALUM
Anthropology/Geography/Sociology Department \HydrogenAGS
Art Department \HydrogenART
Athletics \HydrogenATH
Biology Department \HydrogenBIOL
Business Administration Department \HydrogenSB
Business Office \HydrogenBO
Campus Planning \HydrogenCP
Center for Student Involvement \HydrogenCSI
Chemistry Department \HydrogenCMEM
College of Arts and Sciences \HydrogenAS
Communication Disorders Department \HydrogenCMDS
Classical and Modern Languages Department \HydrogenCML
Communication Department \HydrogenCOMM
Computer Science Department \HydrogenCOMPSCI
Department of Public Safety \HydrogenDPS
Economics Department \HydrogenECON
Education Department \HydrogenED
Enlish and Linguistics Department \HydrogenENLG
Faculty Development \HydrogenFD
Financial Aid \HydrogenFA
General Counsel \HydrogenGC
Health and Exercise Sciences Department \HydrogenHES
History Department \HydrogenHIST
International Education Abroad \HydrogenIEA
International Student Office \HydrogenISO
Information Technology Services \HydrogenCS
Justice Department \HydrogenJUST
Mathematics \HydrogenMATH
McNair Program \HydrogenMCNAIR
Military Science Department \HydrogenMS
Multicultural Affairs \HydrogenMA
Music Department \HydrogenMUSI
Nursing Department \HydrogenNU
Philosophy and Religion Department \HydrogenPHRE
Physics Department \HydrogenPHYS
Physical Plant \HydrogenPP
Pickler Library \HydrogenPL
Political Science Department \HydrogenPOL
Presidents Office \HydrogenPO
Printing Services \HydrogenPS
Psychology Department \HydrogenPSYC
Public Relations \HydrogenPR
Publications \HydrogenPUB
Recreation Center \HydrogenRC
Registrar Office \HydrogenRO
Residential College Program \HydrogenRCP
Residential Living \HydrogenRL
School of Business \HydrogenSB
School of Health Sciences and Education \HydrogenHSE
School of Social & Cultural Studies \HydrogenCU
Statistics Department \HydrogenSTAT
STEP Program \HydrogenSTEP
Student Affairs \HydrogenSA
Student Health Center \HydrogenSHC
Student Union \HydrogenSUB
Testing Services \HydrogenTS
Theatre Department \HydrogenTHEA
University Career Center \HydrogenUCC
University Counseling Services \HydrogenUCS
University Press \HydrogenUP
Upward Bound \HydrogenUB