WordPress (stand alone) site migration to WordPress (MU) Site

Migrating http://sourcewp.truman.edu to http://targetwp.truman.edu

During migration, both sites need to be enabled.

1. login to sourcewp wp-admin
2. Choose Export under Tools section; click on the Download Export Files button to save a XML file to a convenient location.
3. Login to targetwp wp-admin
4. Choose Import under Tools section -> Browse and select previously saved XML file -> Check the Include Attached files checkbox (This will import the posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags into the targetwp site along with files contained in wp-content/uploads folder.)

5. Compare two sites' themes and plugins; if there are themes and plugins not existing in Truman WordPress MU site, go to Network Admin to download the theme and plugins from either WordPress.com or the website that created the theme or plugins.  Enable themes and plugins on targetwp site.

If unable to download from the external websites, then we need to get them from targetwp site by doing next 2 steps:

6. Go to the source site's file folder (wp-contentuploads) via file share (ex. \argond$inetpub2stuorgssaiwordpresswp-content), select each theme or plugin folder individually  -> right click mouse -> choose Send To -> choose Comppressed (zipped) Folder -> save the zipped file to a conveneient location.

7. At Network Admin site, install themes and plugins from the zip files created on step 6, the installation will automatically unzipp the file. Enable themes and plugins on targetwp site.

If targetwp site needs to be renamed:

8. login to http://sites.truman.edu/wp-admin.

9. switch to Network Admin and find targetwp site

10. Choose Edit, change necessary values under Info and Settings tabs.

If sourcewp site needs to be renamed:

11. login to http://www2.truman.edu/phpmyadmin as MySql server administrator.

12. Browse wp_options table of the database associated with the sourcewp site, change the values of siteurl column and home column to the desired values.