Wireless Network Connectivity Policy

Table of Contents

I. Need for Policy

With the deployment of the TRUMAN wireless network, connectivity issues have
surfaced in regards to interference from departmental and individually owned
wireless access points. These “rogue” access points may cause security access
concerns and interference. Furthermore, built-in services such as DHCP can
create network problems for all users when these services are not configured

II. Definitions

ITS – Information Technology Services
ITAC – Information Technology Services Advisory Committee
802.11b – the wireless standard currently utilized in TRUMAN’s wireless network.
Access Point – communication hub for users of a wireless device to connect to a wired network

III. Statement of Policy

• All wireless access points connected to the TRUMAN network must be
approved and configured by ITS prior to connection to the network.
• Any departmental request for wireless coverage must be made to ITS a
minimum of 90 days prior to the required coverage date.
• All individual requests for wireless access will be made in accordance with
guidelines published by ITS on the wireless network page .
• Wireless telephones used on campus should be in the 900MHz band.
Wireless phones in the 2.4 GHz band will interfere with the 802.11b wireless

IV. Scope

This policy covers all wireless data communication devices (e.g., personal
computers, cellular phones, PDAs, etc.) connected to any of TRUMAN’s internal
networks including the telephone network and any form of wireless
communication device capable of transmitting packet data or analog signals.
Wireless devices and/or networks without any connectivity to TRUMAN networks
do not fall under the purview of this policy.

V. Exceptions

Any exceptions to this Policy must be approved in writing by ITS.

VI. Enforcement

If security is breeched as a result of a violation of this policy, the person guilty of
such violation may be subject to disciplinary action. ITS reserves the right to
disconnect from the network any device that does not comply with this policy.

VII. Attachments


VIII. Approvals

Approved by: ITAC – 11/24/03