Windows 8: Connecting to the Truman Student Printers (Pcounter)

You can connect to Truman network printers from a non-Truman owned computer, like a student personal computer system on campus, or you can also connect from an off-campus computer system. Below are the instruction for connecting your Windows 8 or 8.1 device to the student network printers.

  1. Go to your start screen, and type “\pcountermasterqueue”. Press ‘Enter’.
  2. In the username box, type “trumanabc1234“, replacing abc1234 with your Truman username. Enter your password that you use for TruView in the password field. Press Enter.
  3. Once you see the window below, the installation is complete.


Visit this page for help retrieving your print.

If you are still having difficulties connecting after following these instructions, contact the IT Service Center at (660) 785-4544 or visit the Service Center at Pickler Memorial Library, room 203.