Web Folders – Mac

If you have a Macintosh running Mac OS X (v. 10.1) or higher, you can connect to your Group website (it’s called a "web folder" for this type of connection) from anywhere.

Here’s what to do:

First of all, IT Services must configure your website to work with this connection method, so contact the Help Desk to get that taken care of. There is also a special URL to use if you are going to be editing files with Server Side Includes or scripting.

From the Finder, select "Connect to Server…" from the Go Menu.

In the box that appears, type the following: http://mygroup.truman.edu – replacing mygroup with the name of your group.

Then click the OK button.

In the box that appears, enter trumanusername and the password for your group.  This information was sent to the technical contact of your organization when your Group Website was set up.

The web folder will appear on the desktop with the name that corresponds to your URL.

If you have problems connecting this way, you can also use Goliath.