Web Folders – Linux

If you have a Linux system, you can connect to your Group website from anywhere by installing an application which allows you to make webDAV connections.  Some versions of Linux have this feature built in.  If yours does not, there are several available from http://www.webdav.org  They are open source and free.


*Please Note: If you did not indicate that you would be using a Linux system to maintain your website when you requested the account, you must contact the IT Service Center to request appropriate server configuration be done to allow you to connect.  The default set-up of Group web accounts will not allow Linux connections.

Here’s what to do:

Go to the webDAV project site and pick an application which fits your needs.  Our documentation examples use Cadaver – an easy to use, straightforward command-line client.

  1. Download and install as appropriate for your Linux set-up.
  2. Navigate to the directory in which Cadaver is installed and run the program
  3. Open your webDAV enabled account by typing "open" and then the URL for your website, e.g. open mygroup.truman.edu at the dav:/ prompt

You should now be able to use familiar UNIX commands to manage your website.  ls will return a list of the files and folders in your web site; get will pull down a local copy of a specified file and put will return it to the server.  Typing help will list all the commands.

When you attempt to write files to the server, you will be prompted for authentication credentials.  Enter trumanmygroupID and then your password.