TruView FAQ – Faculty and Staff

How do I access TruView?
TruView can be accessed by going to the following address:
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What browsers can be used to access TruView?
The following (non-beta) browsers are supported in TruView:

  • Windows
    • Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 and up
    • Mozilla 2.0 and up
  • Macintosh
    • OS X
      • Mozilla 2.0 and up
      • Safari 1.1 and up

You may choose to continue even if your browser is not supported.
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Do I receive email in TruView?
Faculty and Staff do not receive email in TruView, they can send email, however.
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How do I use the other features of TruView?
TruView general Help can be found by clicking the Help link once you have logged in. There is also information on the FAQs tab.
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Which password do I use for which system?
TruView will use the same password that you use to log onto the network. This password is initially set to your social security number. If you have not yet changed the password, you must do so at prior to logging into TruView.
All other systems will use this password.
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