TruTube – Audio and Video upload tool

The Video Upload Tool is designed to facilitate the placement of video and audio files on Truman websites such as a Blackboard course or a departmental website.
Unlike popular video sharing sites like YouTube, TeacherTube, GodTube and others, TruTube does not provide an interface for searching and sharing video with others within the TruTube interface. Once uploaded, a special block of code generated by TruTube must be pasted into a webpage on the Truman domain in order to display the movie to anyone other than the movie owner. For security and load issues, TruTube was purposely built this way to provide a means for users to easily convert video and audio in most any format to an easily playable web-format.
Media owners using TruTube can generate code for either individual files or whole playlists.
Downloadable/printable instructions are available here.