Survey Creation Permission Notification


I have authorized your account to create surveys on . You may need to enter your Truman network username and password to login to the survey.

When you log in, click the Surveys button. You will see a button to add a new survey. Everything is fairly straightforward after that.

NOTE: You must activate the survey on the Activation page before anyone can begin taking it.

We strongly encourage you to make choice on Survey Security > Permissions page before sending out your survey announcement. The table below shows the features of the different survey security options:



Password Protected

Access List

All Registered Users

Invitation Only

Respondents Anonymous




Must use Invitations Manager in the survey program


Possible to use ordinary emails or Truview to announce surveys





User restrictions


only those who know the password you set

only users whose accounts have been registered in the survey system

only users whose accounts have been registered in the survey system or any users with a Truman network account

anyone to whom you send an invitation through Invitations Manager in the survey program

 * It is important to test your survey successfully before sending out a survey invitation announcement.

* The URL to your survey can be found on the Activation page after the survey is created.

* If you need to announce your survey invitation to all Truman students via TruView, you must submit a survey announcement request form at to the Public Relations Office.

* The preferred browser to create surveys at is Firefox. The surveys themselves should work well in any browser.

Let me know if you have any questions.