Student Email Aliases

Before creating an alias to your email address, please read the following carefully and in its entirety.

What is an email alias?
Choosing an alias to your email address allows you to choose any portion of your name to be used in place of your username when someone sends you an email.  For instance, if your full name is "John W. Smith" and your username is "jws123" you typically use as your email address.  By choosing an alias, you could potentially use an email address of

Does an alias replace my email username?
NO.  An email alias is just that – an "alias" to your email address.  You must still use your assigned username to login to TruView or other email clients.  The alias is just the address you can give out to friends and family to make your email address more personalized.  You will also continue to receive any mail sent to your actual email address (, or

How many aliases can I create?
You may only have one email alias at any given time, however you can change your email alias as often as you wish.  Just remember to inform your family and friends of the change — any mail sent to your old alias will be returned to the sender.

How long does it take to create an alias?
It only takes a few minutes to create your alias, and you will receive instant feedback on if your alias meets the appropriate restrictions (see below). However, your alias will not take effect until tomorrow.

The following restrictions are in place when choosing an alias:

  • Aliases must be a portion of your first, middle and/or last name.  When choosing an alias, the name that is used is what is on file in the Registrar’s Office.
  • Aliases must be between 3 and 36 characters in length (not counting the
  • Aliases can only have up to 6 numeric digits
  • Aliases cannot contain non-alphanumeric characters
  • Aliases cannot be in the format "abc123", "ab123", "a123", "a1234", or "ab12" (these are all valid username formats)
  • Most common nicknames are acceptable (ie – Bob for Robert, Shelly for Michelle, Tony for Anthony, Katie for Katherine, etc) 
  • Other restrictions may be added if necessary

New aliases are reviewed daily.
All new email aliases are reviewed on a daily basis.  If your alias is found to be inappropriate in any way, it will be removed.  If so, you will receive an email outlining the reasons and given a chance to choose a new one.

Alias Creation Instructions:
After clicking the link below, you will be asked to enter your Truman network username and password – this is the password you logon to the campus computers and TruView.  When you have been successfully authenticated, you will be allowed to choose an alias.  You may check to see if different aliases are available before actually selecting one.  You may also return to this page at anytime to change or remove your current alias.

Please click here to create your email alias.