Setting up WebDAV access for Server Side file types (asp, php, stm, etc)

Connect to Silver with Remote Desktop
Open the IIS Manager
Expand the Web Sites to "webdav connections" (
Right-click on the site and choose "New -> Virtual Directory…"
Click Next
Enter the first part of the host header (for enter "irb")
Enter the path to the location of the site. You can use \neond$… for sites on neon
Click Next
If you entered a UNC path to another server, uncheck "Always use the authenticated user’s credentials when validating access to the network directory"
and enter trumanschedule and the password
Click Next
Check the boxes for Read, Write, and Browse
Click Next
Click Finish

Now right-click on the virtual directory and choose Permissions
Add the desired group if necessary and give them Full Control
Richt-click on the virtual directory and choose Properties

In the Virtual Directory tab, check the box for Script Source Access
Set the execute permissions to Scripts Only

This should take care of it. The user should connect with a webDAV client to
(replacing irb with the first part of their host header)