Network TCP/IP Ports

The following rules apply to TCP/IP ports used on the Truman network.

  • All high ports ( > 1023) to the Internet are open.  However, high port traffic must be initiated by the Truman computer.  Unrequested high port traffice from the Internet to Truman computers is prohibited.
  • All low ports  ( < 1024) to the Internet are restricted.  In general all low TCP/IP ports are closed and are only available for use by servers.
  • All ports are open intra-campus (from one building to another).
  • Ports to the campus data center are subject to security restrictions.
  • Ports on individual servers vary depending on the local security policy.
  • Any TCP/IP port can be temporarily closed when necessary.  This can happen when there’s a security concern or to limit disruptive IT activities.