Convert Documents to PDF

Converting Documents to PDF

Why convert MS Office documents into PDF (Portable Document Format)?  Putting documents in PDF protects them from being accidentally changed.  It is also useful for archiving documents.  Finally, converting documents to PDF allows you to share them with people who may not have the MS Office programs installed on their computers. 

How To…

In order to convert files to PDF, you must have Adobe Acrobat Pro, not just the Reader product installed on your computer.  If you are a faculty or staff member, please contact the IT Services Help Desk to install on your Truman-owned system. Please note this is not available for privately-owned systems.

There are several methods for converting Microsoft Word files to PDF format.  These instructions will cover:

  1. Using the Adobe PDF button found on any Office application’s toolbar
  2. Printing a document to the Adobe PDF writer
  3. Dropping a Word file on a desktop or system tray icon for Distiller or Acrobat

Using the Adobe PDF button in Office applications
The simplest way to convert a document into PDF format is to click the Adobe PDF button on the toolbar when working on a document in any MS Office product. 

  1. Click the “Convert to Adobe PDF” button.  
  2. A Save As window will pop up. 
  3. Choose the folder in which you want to save your PDF document
  4. Click Save. 

The conversion process will take a minute or two.  When it is complete, Adobe will automatically open the newly converted PDF document.

Using the Adobe PDF button in Office applications (cont.)

  The Adobe PDF Maker toolbar is normally located in the upper left-hand corner, just under the Standard toolbar. 
If you don’t see the button, click View -> Toolbars -> Acrobat PDFMaker. 
Note that there are two conversion buttons, the “Convert to Adobe PDF” button is on the left.  The button on the right converts the active file and then provides the option to send it via email for review.

Printing any document, file or webpage to the Adobe PDF writer

  1. Choose File -> Print. 
  2. When the Print option box appears, scroll through the list of available printers and select Adobe PDF, as shown below:
  3. Click OK.  You will be prompted to choose a location in which to save the resulting PDF file.

Using a desktop or system tray icon for Distiller or Acrobat

If you have an icon for Adobe Distiller or Adobe Acrobat on your desktop or in your system tray, this may also be used to convert files from Word to PDF. 

Here is a screenshot of a desktop icon for Acrobat:

  1. Locate the closed file you wish to convert to PDF. 
  2. Using your mouse, drag the file icon and drop it on top of the Adobe icon.
  3. In a few moments the Adobe program will open and display the newly converted PDF document.