Connecting to Group Web Server : Macintosh Information

Can I connect to group web server with a Macintosh?
Yes. IT Services is committed to continuing and improving Macintosh support on the Truman network. Macintosh clients can gain access to the group web server with minor changes.


What changes need to be made?
To facilitate the different security authorization for windows and Macintosh clients, a slightly different server configuration must be made. When filling out your group account request, please indicate if you will be using a Macintosh to make changes. This will allow ITS to make the proper changes. If you add Macintosh users later, or change your plans for maintaining the website, please contact the IT service Center(x4544) in order to have the server changes made.

How can I use a web editing program, or edit the HTML code directly?
You can set up a ‘web folder’ on your desktop that functions like a network drive. Files can be dragged, dropped, deleted, and edited from these folders. Using this interface, it is possible to edit the files in any program, and save them to this ‘web folder’

Mac OSX has built in support for webfolders.  See instructions here.

For older Mac OSs – you can install 3rd-party stand-alone clients which enable you to mount the web folders.

Goliath is one –  See instructions here.

For more options and information see:


What web-editing programs directly support webDAV connections?
The following programs use a technology known as WebDAV. This allows you to connect to your web space, add, delete, and edit files live on the web. The links below provide instructions and documentation to help you get started.

GoLive (a "how-to" written for the zope webhost – but easily adapted to your situation here at Truman). See the section on Work Group Support

Macromedia DreamWeaver:
On both the PC side and Mac side, DreamWeaver 4.0 requires a free patch from the Macromedia site for a webDAV connection to work properly. Furthermore, in order for DreamWeaver to work, server changes must be made.  Please contact the Help Desk (x4544) and request:

PC Users:  The IIS permissions for use with Dreamweaver
Mac Users: The IIS permissions for use with Dreamweaver and appropriate authentication method.

Once your patch is installed and the proper server changes made, set up a webDAV connection.
If you are using Dreamweaver MX or DreamWeaver 8 then set up a webDAV connection with these instructions. Here is a great "how to".