Computer Hardware Surplus Policy

Revised 01/25/2002
(ITAC approval is pending)


ITS recognizes that computing needs vary from person to person. In some cases, only the
latest equipment will serve a need. However, in other situations an older, limited system
is capable of fulfilling the immediate need. In order to establish clear, consistent
guidelines regarding the distribution of older, limited computer hardware, ITS in
conjunction with ITAC has developed this Computer Hardware Surplus Policy. This
policy does not address the internal distribution within a single department/division. It is
the sole authority of any department/division to redistribute equipment within their area
as they see fit.

Surplus Process

All surplus requests must be centrally managed – In order to populate a pool of
systems available for redistribution, all surplus requests must initially be examined by
ITS. (This will be fulfilled by sending all surplus forms to Inventory Control who will
then submit them to ITS as necessary). ITS will then make one of the following
determinations: 1) the equipment can be made available for redistribution; 2) the
equipment (all or some components) will be saved in order to provide parts to build a
system for redistribution; or 3) the equipment should be sent to a surplus auction.
Existing standards will be used for surplus system qualifications – The “Personal
Computer System Hardware Support Policy” shall be used as a guide when determining
whether or not a system shall be redistributed. Any system that falls within the “Limited
Support” category or higher will be added to the pool of systems available for
redistribution. Any system that has a processor that qualifies it for the “Obsolete”
category will be sent to a surplus auction.

ITS will keep track of all the requests and distribute them on a first in first served
– Any requests for obtaining a redistributed surplus computer should be directed to
ITS. ITS will review the current “Waiting List” of provided requests and any new
requests that have been provided during the current year. As this information is updated,
ITS will maintain a web page which lists the current provided requests and the order for
fulfilling these requests. As qualifying machines become available, ITS will provide the
redistributed systems according to the order determined by the “Waiting List”.
As hardware standards change, the “Waiting List” will start over – As the “Personal
Computer System Hardware Support Policy” standards are modified for the beginning of
the fiscal year, the “Waiting List” for redistribution of surplus systems will start over
beginning on July 1. Anyone on the “Waiting List” on Mat 1 will need to resubmit their
requests if they still want consideration for obtaining a redistributed system. By
refreshing this list each year, only current, valid requests will be fulfilled. An email will
go out to any faculty or staff who requested a computer informing them of the new cycle
by June 30.

All requests must contain consistent criteria for comparing needs – Each request
directed to ITS for obtaining a redistributed system must contain the following
information: Name of individual receiving the redistributed system, a description of the
current machine the redistributed system will replace, intended use of a redistributed
system (in order to ensure that the system meets their needs), evidence of division or
department head approval. Generally, each request for a redistributed system must be to
replace an existing system. Redistributed systems are provided to replace systems that
are inferior to the redistributed system. These systems are not designed to be available in
order to increase the number of computers on campus. An online surplus system request
form will be available on the ITS website.