Cable TV Connection

Truman Cable TV Setup

Learn what equipment you need and instructions for how to connect your television to receive campus cable TV services.

To receive the channels, you’ll need:

  • A cable-ready television with manual.
  • Coaxial cable (coax) to reach from your device to the cable outlet
  • A QAM tuner in your HD set to receive HD programming

To connect a cable-ready television.

  1. Plug your television into an electric outlet.
  2. Connect one end of the coax to the cable connector on the wall plate.
  3. Connect the other end to the coax connector on the back of the television, marked input. You may need to screw on the connector to secure the connection.
  4. Turn on the television and set it to CABLE or CATV mode. Some televisions do this automatically through an onscreen programming menu.
    1. Go to the TV menu
    2. Choose Cable/CATV
    3. Do Auto Search / Auto Program
  5. Check the channel lineup to see what channels are available.
  6. See your television’s owners manual for directions on programming available channels.

NOTE: If you don’t see channels above 30-36 please check your TV menu for an “off air/broadcast” mode. This will need to be disabled for you to find all channels.

NOTE: If you do not receive HD programming you may not have a QAM tuner in your TV. Please refer to your manual and verify that the TV is QAM or Clear-QAM capable.