Automatically Backup Your Important Computer Files

Backing up your important computer files is a task sometimes overlooked until something has been lost.  ITS provides several locations where Truman faculty and staff computer files are automatically backed up.  We encourage you to take advantage of these locations to help protect your data against any loss.

Files stored on your Y: drive (your personal network storage area) or on your W: drive (your network storage area shared with others in your department) will be automatically backed up by ITS.

Email on the Exchange server is automatically backed up.  Note:  It is possible to configure your email client to download your email from Exchange so it ONLY resides on your PC.  This is an advanced email client configuration ITS does not recommend.  If you do this your email is not backed up on Exchange.  Email archives you create are not automatically backed up unless you store them on your Y: or W: drive.

Academic course materials faculty store in the Blackboard system are automatically backed up.

Faculty materials stored in the Truman G Suite system are automatically backed up.  Note:  Staff materials stored in the G Suite system are not automatically backed up.

If you have important files on your personal computer hard drive they are not automatically backed up.  Be sure you regularly copy your personal computer documents to your network Y: drive, an external hard drive or some other secure storage location to ensure your files are backed up and protected.

If you have questions about what locations are automatically backed up please contact the ITS Helpdesk.