Network Drive Connection: Windows

Connect to Network Drives Using Windows Vista, 7, and 8

You may connect to your Truman network drives from a non-Truman owned computer system located on-campus, like a student personal computer system in a residence hall, or you may also connect from an off-campus computer system.

*NOTE:  In order to connect from off-campus you must first connect with the Truman VPN service.

Right-click on the My Computer Icon, and choose Map Network Drive…

*NOTE: For Windows 8 users there are a number of other ways to find My Computer besides the following, but only one is doucmented here. If you hit the “Windows Button”+x on the tiles menu and scroll down to File Explorer option. Go to the Computer tab in the window that appears. From there click on the Map Network Drive option and proceed as if you were on the other Windows systems.

*Map Network Drive in Windows Vista:


*Map Network Drive in Windows 7, 8:

For information on what Truman network drives are available click here.

Then click on “Connect using a different user name.”      

*NOTE: For  Windows 7  and 8 users the link “Connect using a different user name.” has been replaced with a checkbox titled “Connect using different credentials”. Be sure that this box is checked and click Finish. This will then prompt you for the credentials specified below.

In the name field enter TRUMANusername  — replacing “username” with your username

In the password field, enter the password that you use to logon to the Truman network.

Click OK and then click Finish.

The computer will then connect to that drive for you.

To automate the process:

Download this bat file and place it on your Windows desktop.

Then open the file in Notepad. You will need to change the following items:

Replace all occurrences of $username with your Truman network ID username and replace all occurrences of $password (only when it says password in lowercase) with your network password.


Note:  If you change your password later you will need to update it in this script too.

Whenever you want to connect to Truman network drives run this bat file.