Mac OS X Network Drive Access (STUDENTS)

If you have a Macintosh running Mac OS X (v. 10.3) or higher, you can connect to your network drives from your computer.

Here's what to do:

From the Finder, select "Connect to Server…" from the Go Menu.

In the box that appears, type the following: smb://server/share – replacing server and share with the appropriate values from the table below.

Drive Server Share
S: win_apps
T: username
U: Student_files
Y: username

For example, to map your Y: Drive, you would type smb://, replacing username with your username.

Then click the OK button.

In the box that appears, enter TRUMAN for the Workgroup, then enter your Truman username and password.

The Drive will appear on the desktop with a name that corresponds to the Share in the table above.