Connecting to the Secure Wireless Network with an Android Phone or Tablet

To begin, go to your Applications or Programs list and Choose Settings:

Android Programs

From Wireless controls, click on Wi-Fi Settings

Wi-Fi Settings

In the list of Available Wi-Fi Networks, choose TrumanSecureWireless

click on TrumanSecureWireless

Click on the EAP Type dropdown, and choose PEAP

click on EAP Type

choose PEAP

For the Sub type choose PEAPv0/MSCHAPv2

choose the subtype

Then enter your Truman username and password and click Connect.

enter username and password then click connect

The Network status will show Obtaining address… then Connected. You are then ready to go.

obtaining address


If you run into problems then try verifying that your username and password are correct. If you enter three incorrect passwords, your account will be locked out for a period of 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes you can try again.