Publishing a project site on ARGON to an already live site on HELIUM

Connect to helium with remote desktop

Find the directory for the live site (e.g. D:inetpub2academicsocialScienceDivjusticesysDisp)

Go to the parent directory (e.g. D:inetpub2academicsocialScienceDiv)

Open up a new window to \argond$inetpub2other

Copy the appropriate project folder to from argon to the parent folder on helium

Go to the Department Template Migrator/Publisher on webadmin

Select the project site under source and the live site under destination.

Check all the boxes and click the button

The next page should show a series of sql statements such as

UPDATE DeptMenuSiteMappings SET SiteID = 26 WHERE SiteId = 272

If the overlay file exists on helium, go to \heliumglobaltemplateoverlays and rename the overlay file (e.g. 272.png becomes 26.png)

Do the same on \argonglobaltemplateoverlays

If the overlay file does not exist yet on helium, go to \argonglobaltemplateoverlays and rename the overlay file and copy to the same folder in helium (\argonglobaltemplateoverlays )

Go to the parent directory and rename the site’s directory by appending old to the name (justicesysDisp => justicesysDisp old) then rename the project directory to be the correct folder name (project11 => justicesysDisp)

If for some reason you can’t rename the first folder, then rename the project folder to something more logical (project11 => justicesysDisp2010) and then change the home directory to this new folder in the IIS manager.

Run Check Server Health and Recalculate on the web and all subwebs (just to be safe)