How to move a site from sandbox/project to live

If the destination site doesn’t have the virtual directories (test this by going to – should get blank page, not 404), log on to the server, open a command prompt and run
cscript c:greg_scriptsaddglobaltemplate.vbs
when prompted, enter

In Sharepoint Designer (or Frontpage), open the destination site and publish a backup to the filesystem

Delete everything from the destination
Open the project site and publish to the destination

Go to this interface for the sites table: Sites table
Find the row with the siteurl of the project site and change it to be the destination site.
Set the security for admin subweb:
  From Sharepoint Designer, open the admin subweb (, for example)
  Click Tools > Server > Permissions…
  Click "Change subweb permissions"
  Select "Use unique permissions for this Web site" and Submit.
  Click "Administration" at the top of the screen
  Click "Change anonymous access settings"
  Turn Anonymous access OFF and SUBMIT

If moving from one templated version to another, you need to run to pick up the new Site ID, header, etc.