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Creating Your Web Site

NOTE: Xenon has reached end of life support and will be decomissioned after the end of the Spring 2012 semester. A notice has been emailed out to University members with more information. WordPress websites are available for Faculty. WordPress will have several significant advantages over the current Xenon platform. Students can currently move their web content to Google Sites. Students that have academic programming assigments will be able to perform their work on the Math and CS departmental server.

If you do not plan to use FrontPage extensions, you will need to create your pages before putting them online. You must first create your web site making sure all the html files and related graphics are saved into one folder or directory on a given workstation or on a floppy disk. You may use raw HTML code or any HTML editor of your choice to write these pages. Several editors are available in the Learning Technology Team Center (PML 205). Netscape’s Composer and Microsoft FrontPage is available in all other academic labs. 

Once the pages are created, you can upload them using your method of choice.

Please visit the IT Web Services web site for further information on creating great web sites.  Before uploading your site, remember several important tips. 

  • A common problem with web sites is that links and images will be pointed to a local address.  For example, a hyperlink to an image my read "C:My Documentspicture1.jpg"  Outside viewers will not be able to view this.  Instead, point it to your website, making the link relative.  If you had a picture in your images folder, you could simply make a link that reads "/images/picture1.jpg"