Creating and Publishing Your WebSite on Xenon

NOTE: Xenon has reached end of life support and will be decomissioned after the end of the Spring 2012 semester. A notice has been emailed out to University members with more information. WordPress websites are available for Faculty. WordPress will have several significant advantages over the current Xenon platform. Students can currently move their web content to Google Sites. Students that have academic programming assigments will be able to perform their work on the Math and CS departmental server.

Truman State University allows server space on a separate server/s for personal web pages as a service to the University community. Personal pages are not part of the University's official web pages. Each web creator bears sole responsibility for the content and maintenance of his or her personal web files. The University does not endorse the contents of these pages nor can it accept any responsibility for the information contained therein.

That said, the use of Truman web space is a privilege. Individuals who use the University's computing resources are obligated to adhere to all University policies, including those identified in the Truman State University Computer Use Policy and the MOREnet AU Policy

Xenon is the personal web server for Truman State University.  This server provides space for each student and faculty member at the University.  Creating your own web site is a relatively simple process, which can be accomplished by following the steps below.  

1 Set Up your Webspace


2  Find out Your URL

3  Create & Put your Files OnLine – Using T: Drive or SFTP


3  Create & Put your Files OnLine – Using Frontpage

4  View your Files Online at (replacing userID with your username)