Map Y: drive from Off Campus

If you have Windows 2000 or XP and a fast connection to the internet (dsl or cable modem, etc), here’s what to do:

Right-click on the My Computer Icon, and choose Map Network Drive…

Fill in the following information:
Drive Folder
Y: \hydrogen.truman.eduusername (faculty staff)
Y: \ss2.truman.eduusername (student)

Then click on "Connect using a different user name."

In the name field enter TRUMANusername or STUDENTusername

In the password field, enter you password that you use to log onto your campus computers.

Click OK and then click Finish.

The computer will then connect to that drive for you.

Some things to be aware of:

If you are behind a router/firewall that shares a connection with multiple computers, it may block access to port 139, which is what is necessary for making this connection.

Also, certain ISP’s may block this port. does, and you cannot connect to any drives using their service.